Top 20 Gag Gifts for Boyfriend 2024: A Hilarious Guide😆

Looking for an amusing and entertaining way to surprise your boyfriend? Gag gifts might be just what you need! These unique and hilarious presents can surely bring a smile to his face and spice up any special occasion. Whether it’s your anniversary, his birthday, or just because, gag gifts for boyfriend are an ideal choice for those moments when you want to tickle his funny bone.

Gag gifts come in all shapes and sizes, from quirky mugs with cheeky sayings to funny underwear that’ll make him chuckle. The best thing about gifting your boyfriend with these amusing trinkets is that it shows your sense of humor and your connection on a goofy, lighthearted level. Adding a touch of humor to your relationship is a fantastic way to strengthen your bond and foster a fun-loving atmosphere.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best gag gifts for boyfriend available, both widely popular and delightfully obscure. You’ll find inspiration for every occasion and be well on your way to becoming the master of comical gift-giving. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the world of whimsical presents that are sure to elicit laughter and make your boyfriend’s day all the more memorable.

Choosing the Right Gag Gift

First, consider your boyfriend’s sense of humor. You know him better than anyone else, so think about what type of joke would make him laugh the most. Is he a fan of puns, or does he prefer more visual humor? Pay attention to the jokes that make him laugh to give you a better idea of what kind of gag gift he’d enjoy.

Next, think about the occasion. Gag gifts can be a hit at birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and even anniversary celebrations – but it’s essential to pick something appropriate for the event. For example, a beer puffer jacket might be a great gift for a casual birthday party, while a more sentimental gag gift could be better for a milestone anniversary.

Keep it light-hearted but inoffensive. The goal is to make your boyfriend laugh, not hurt his feelings or offend anyone else present. Be mindful of any sensitive topics or issues that could be triggering for him or others, and choose a gag gift that’s all in good fun.

Finally, consider the presentation. A gag gift is much more effective when presented with a touch of theatrics. Wrap the gift in an over-the-top way, or include a funny note that hints at the surprise inside.

Practical Joke Gag Gifts for Boyfriend

In this section, I’ll explore some hilarious practical joke gag gifts that are bound to make him crack up and remember your sense of humor.

Whoopee Cushions

Ah, the classic whoopee cushion! An all-time favorite, these fun and simple devices have been around for ages, providing countless laughs. Place one under the seat of your unsuspecting boyfriend, wait for him to sit down, and enjoy the resulting hilarious sound. Whoopee cushions are an excellent, affordable gag gift option to spice up any occasion.

Fake Parking Tickets

Is your man a bit forgetful when it comes to parking or speeding rules? Why not play a little prank on him with fake parking tickets? Slip one onto his windshield and watch him scratch his head in confusion. Just make sure to reveal the joke soon so he doesn’t stress too much about it. You can find these prank tickets on websites like Etsy.

Prank Remote Controls

Does your boyfriend love controlling the TV? Try throwing him off with a prank remote control. These gag remotes can be programmed to mess with TV functions, making it a great gift to cause some harmless frustration and laughter along the way. These can be found on various gift websites like Amazon.

Novelty Gag Gifts

I’ve got some hilarious, quirky, and undeniably amusing ideas that are sure to make him laugh out loud. Let’s dive into these categories: Funny T-Shirts, Unique Mugs, and Gag Toilet Paper.

Funny T-Shirts

Who doesn’t love a good, funny T-shirt? They’re witty, comfortable, and make for great conversation starters. Whether it’s a shirt with a hilarious graphic or a clever pun, these tees will surely make your boyfriend chuckle. Don’t be afraid to go bold with the humor – after all, it’s a gag gift!

Unique Mugs

unique mugs as gag gifts for boyfriend

A coffee or tea mug might seem like a simple gift, but with the right design, it can become a beloved and amusing addition to your boyfriend’s daily routine. Search for a mug with a quirky shape or an image that relates to his interests or hobbies. Just imagine the smiles he’ll have every morning as he sips his drink out of his new favorite mug!

Gag Toilet Paper

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a gag toilet paper roll. These humorous rolls come in various prints and themes, often with cheeky messages or funny images. Your boyfriend will be in stitches as he discovers this playful gift waiting in the bathroom. Better yet, it’s practical too – every household needs toilet paper, right?

Personalized Gag Gifts

Looking for the perfect gag gift for boyfriend? This section is packed with amazing personalized gag gift ideas that will make your boyfriend laugh on the floor. Let’s dive right into some of the best options for you to bring a smile to his face.

Funny Face Pillows

Picture this: your boyfriend walks into his bedroom to find a pillow with his hilariously exaggerated face printed on it. Imagine the laughter that will follow! Funny face pillows are a great way to capture your boyfriend’s unique expressions and turn them into a cozy and amusing gift. Check out Etsy for a wide range of these amusing custom pillows.

Prank Name Tags

Why not surprise your boyfriend with a set of prank name tags? These creative badges can display outrageous and humorous names or job titles. The next time he attends a networking event or a casual gathering with friends, he can wear one of these comical name tags for a guaranteed laugh.

Bizarre Portraits

bizarre portraits as gag gifts for boyfriend

Elevate the classic portrait gift idea by commissioning a bizarre and witty piece of art featuring your boyfriend. Perhaps he’s riding a unicorn or battling a pack of kittens, the possibilities are endless! Tap into your boyfriend’s quirks and hobbies for inspiration. There is a wide variety of talented artists on Etsy who specialize in creating outlandish personalized portraits.

Seasonal Gag Gifts

When it comes to finding the perfect gag gifts for boyfriend, seasonal options can provide unforgettable laughs. In this section, we’ll explore three subcategories: Holiday Themed, Birthday Gags, and Unusual Anniversaries, offering inspiration no matter the occasion.

Holiday Themed

Who doesn’t love a bit of festive humor? Turn your boyfriend’s holiday experience into a hilarious memory with Embroidered Toilet Paper as a funny Father’s Day gift or a Cat Mug with a cheeky message to spice up Valentine’s Day. Deck the halls with these entertaining options:

  • Naughty Christmas cards
  • Ugly holiday sweaters
  • Humorous stockings

Birthday Gags

Make your boyfriend’s birthday an amusing day to remember with hilarious gag gifts. Try an Exercise Block, which is a joke on typical gym equipment, or consider the following ideas:

  • Funny T-shirts with witty messages
  • Age-related novelty items
  • Silly balloons or banners

Unusual Anniversaries

Year after year, anniversaries can become predictable. Why not shake things up with a unique gag gift for your boyfriend? Brainstorm some quirky ideas based on the details of your relationship or opt for timeless suggestions like:

  • A “bad poetry” book
  • A silly photo album filled with inside jokes
  • Mismatched socks for a bit of added fun

Where to Buy Gag Gifts

In this age of online shopping, finding hilarious and unique gifts for your significant other is just a few clicks away. Let’s dive into some of the best places to shop for gag gifts for your boyfriend.

Etsy is an excellent platform to discover a vast array of gag gifts for your boyfriend. With many creative and handmade items, you’re sure to find a funny gift that suits his sense of humor. From joke candles to personalized underwear, you’ll have an abundance of options that cater to your boyfriend’s quirky tastes.

Another great place to look for witty and amusing gag gifts is the Off the Wagon Shop. Known for their eclectic collection, they offer an array of gag gifts, from fart candy and pickle-flavored sweets to cat butt gum (yes, you read that right!). Their wide selection of gag gifts caters to various interests, ensuring you’ll find something that makes your boyfriend chuckle.

Maintaining the Element of Surprise

surprise gag gifts for boyfriend

The first step is to keep your mission top secret. The most effective gag gifts are the ones he won’t see coming.

To maintain the element of surprise, be stealthy. Do your research online, whether on Etsy for handmade items, or on specialized sites like Groovy Guy Gifts for unique ideas. Keep your browsing history under wraps and set up a secret shopping list.

Once you’ve found the perfect gag gift, plan when and how to present it. Timing is essential when creating an unforgettable memory. Is it for a birthday? Anniversary? Just because? Whatever the occasion, be sure to wrap it inconspicuously. A plain paper bag or generic gift wrap should do the trick.

In addition to choosing the appropriate moment, incorporate some misdirection. Precede your gag gift with subtle hints that make him think he’s getting something completely different. Not only will that throw him off, but also boost the surprise factor.

Lastly, remember to capture the moment. Whether it’s a photo, video, or just a mental image, preserving his reaction is key to cherishing the memory. With a well-executed plan full of spontaneity, your gag gift is bound to become an unforgettable part of your shared story.

My Personal Opinion

In my opinion, exploring gag gifts for your boyfriend during the holiday season can add an element of fun and lightheartedness to the festivities. These gifts are not about extravagance or seriousness; they’re about sharing laughter, inside jokes, and creating memorable moments together.

I think, gag gifts are a way to playfully tease and surprise your partner, offering a break from the usual exchange of sentimental or practical presents. They often tap into shared humor, quirks, or inside references that are unique to your relationship. It’s a chance to celebrate the humor and playfulness that likely drew you together in the first place.

What’s exciting about gag gifts is the element of surprise and the anticipation of your boyfriend’s reaction. The laughter and smiles they bring can be just as heartwarming as any other gift. These gifts have the power to create light-hearted and cherished memories that you both can look back on and laugh about in the years to come.


What are Gag Gifts?

Gag gifts are humorous or silly gifts that are often given as a joke or prank. They can include items such as fake or novelty items, humorous books or movies, or items with a humorous or ironic message. They are often given in a lighthearted and playful spirit.

What gifts do boyfriends like?

Good gift options for boyfriends can include items such as tech gadgets, clothing or accessories, a favorite book or movie, a personalized item such as a photo album or engraved item, or an experience such as concert tickets or a weekend getaway. It’s important to consider his interests and tastes when choosing a gift.

What can I gift my boyfriend to cheer him up?

Good gift options to cheer up a boyfriend can include items such as a handwritten note or card expressing your love and support, a small treat or snack, a favorite book or movie, or a fun activity such as a game night or outing with friends. It’s important to show care and thoughtfulness.

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