Anti-AI Policy

At GetYourGift, we are dedicated to upholding the principles of authenticity, human connection, and the preservation of original, human-created content. Given the increasing prevalence of AI-generated content, we have introduced the Anti-AI Policy to ensure that our platform remains a space committed to genuine human expression and interaction.

Prohibition of AI-Generated Content

We strictly forbid the utilization of AI-generated content on our platform. This includes, but is not limited to, articles, comments, posts, or any other form of content that has been created or influenced by artificial intelligence.

User Responsibility

Users bear the responsibility for the content they contribute to our platform. We encourage users to generate and share content that mirrors their unique ideas, insights, and experiences. Any breach of this policy, including the use of AI-generated content, will result in appropriate actions, such as content removal or account suspension.

Content Assessment

Our content assessment team remains vigilant in identifying and eliminating any content suspected of being AI-generated. Users can report suspicious content, which will undergo a thorough review and, if found in violation of this policy, will be promptly removed.

Transparency in Declarations

If, for a valid reason, AI-generated content is employed, users must transparently disclose its AI origin. Transparency is crucial to maintaining the trust of our community.

We may occasionally receive support from AI (e.g., for creating initial drafts or outlines), but an author always reviews the text for accuracy, relevance, and completeness before publication.

Ongoing Surveillance

We will consistently monitor our platform to ensure compliance with this policy. We are committed to safeguarding the human touch in content creation and engagement on GetYourGift.

Education and Awareness

We will provide educational resources and awareness initiatives to assist users in distinguishing between AI-generated and human-generated content, empowering them to make informed choices.

Feedback and Accountability

We encourage our community to hold us accountable for the enforcement of this policy. If you believe you have identified AI-generated content on our platform or have suggestions for improvement, please reach out to us at or call us at +49 163 4430077.

GetYourGift is dedicated to fostering authentic human connections, creativity, and originality. Our Anti-AI Policy underscores our commitment to preserving the authenticity of content on our platform. We value the support and understanding of our community in upholding these values.

This policy is subject to periodic review and updates to align with evolving technology and community needs. Your input and vigilance are indispensable in maintaining the integrity of our platform. Thank you for being a part of our GetYourGift community.