24 Christmas Gift Games for Adults 2024: Festive Ideas

Once more, the season has arrived – homes are embellished with holiday decorations, and the fragrance of freshly baked treats permeates the air. However, amid the festive cheer, it’s important to come up with creative methods to keep your guests entertained at holiday events. If the usual traditions have grown monotonous, consider delighting your guests with some christmas gift games for adults.

Understanding Christmas Gift Games for Adults

Fundamental Elements of Gift Games

Most Christmas gift games share a few essential features:

  • A group of participants – friends, family, or coworkers – gather around in a circle or specified area.
  • The exchange begins with a wrapped gift, which could be anything from small items, like a colorful mug, to gag gifts that provoke laughter.
  • Rules guiding the game, such as passing the gift in a circle, guessing trivia related to the.movie or activity, or unwrapping the gift according to specific criteria.

Some popular examples of Christmas gift games include White Elephant Gift Exchange, Secret Santa, Heads or Tails Gift Exchange Game, Musical Gifts, and numerous others that involve guessing different ornaments or playing Christmas movie trivia.

Why Play Gift Games

Playing Christmas gift games during holiday parties and gatherings adds an element of entertainment and friendly competition. Some reasons to consider playing these games are:

  • Laughter & bonding: Games like White Elephant or Dirty Santa often encourage participants to bring humorous and unexpected gifts, resulting in lots of laughter and fun.
  • Creativity: With games like Yankee Swap or craft exchanges, you and your friends have the opportunity to showcase your unique tastes and talents.
  • Inclusivity: These activities are a great way to include people who may not know each other well, such as coworkers during an office party.
  • Breaking the ice: For gatherings where people haven’t seen each other in a while or there are new faces, games like Two Truths and a Lie or Guess Who can help guests get to know one another better.

Different Types of Christmas Gift Games

Christmas parties for adults can be a lot more fun with some engaging christmas gift games for adults. From trivia to physical games, we have you covered. Let’s dive into some popular categories to make your holiday gathering a blast!

Trivia Games

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A Christmas party can be more exciting and entertaining with a round of holiday trivia. These games will test your guests’ knowledge of Christmas movies, books, or songs. Some popular ideas include christmas movie trivia or holiday trivia. They can be played in teams or individually.

Physical Games

Get your guests moving and laughing with some energetic physical games like a festive version of musical chairs. Form a circle and pass gifts around while playing Christmas music. When the music stops, the person holding the gift keeps it. Another fun option is the dice gift exchange game, where guests roll a die and follow specific actions based on the number rolled.

Guessing Games

Challenge your guests’ minds with intriguing guessing games. A holiday-themed spin on two truths and a lie, ornament guess, or guess who will keep everyone engaged. They can be tailored to your guest’s interests or focus on popular holiday elements.

Exchange Games

Exchange games make gift-giving even more enjoyable. The popular white elephant gift exchange encourages stealing, trading, or swapping presents until everyone has a gift. Other variations include secret santa, gift exchange card game, yankee swap, dirty santa, and the twelve days of christmas gift exchange.

Themed Games

Why not add another layer of fun to these gift games by incorporating a theme? Themed games like a book exchange or movie-themed white elephant party can elevate the experience. When you have a specific theme, such as Christmas movie or book titles, it creates a more cohesive and creative atmosphere for your gift exchange.

Planning a Holiday Party with Gift Games

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Are you looking to spice up your holiday get-together? Christmas gift games for adults can be a fantastic way to add some excitement and fun to your party. In this section, we’ll walk you through some essential steps to plan a fantastic holiday party with engaging gift games.

Choosing the Right Game

First, you should select a suitable game that suits all the guests’ interests and skill levels. There’s a wide range of options, such as Finish the Carol or Heads or Tails Gift Exchange Game, that are easy to learn and captivating. Feel free to explore other games, like bingo or trivia, or even create your own unique version.

Setting a Budget

Establishing a budget is crucial to keep things fair and enjoyable for everyone. Establish a dollar range for the gifts, whether it’s a small, token gift or something more extravagant. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and avoids any awkwardness or disappointment. Communicate the budget clearly to your guests to ensure proper preparations.

Deciding the Theme

A fun theme can turn an ordinary Christmas party into an unforgettable experience. Consider selecting a Christmas gift exchange theme like “Secret Santa,” “White Elephant,” or “Wacky Tacky.” You could also choose a non-traditional theme, such as picking a season or a specific color. A theme helps focus your guests’ gift choices and adds a creative twist to the event.

Including Everyone

Ensure that all your friends and family members can participate in the games. Be mindful of any mobility or accessibility needs for your guests. For example, if you choose a circle game such as “Hot Potato,” make sure there’s enough space and a comfortable seating arrangement for everyone to join in without any obstacles.

Preparing the Game Room

Last but not least, dedicate some time to prepare the game room. Whether you’re organizing your holiday party indoors or outdoors, make sure there’s ample space for all guests to move and play. Arrange furniture to create a comfortable, spacious setting and have some festive decorations like candy canes and holiday lights to set the atmosphere. With everything in order and a well-prepared game room, you’ll be ready to host an entertaining and memorable Christmas party with gift games for adults.

Creative Ideas for Christmas Gift Games

Christmas gift games for adults can add excitement and variety to your holiday gatherings. Here’s a list of creative ideas to spice up your gift exchanges and help create lasting memories with your loved ones.

DIY Gifts

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One option is to organize a DIY gift exchange where participants exchange handmade gifts, such as personalized candles, photo albums, or culinary creations. This can be a fun way to showcase everyone’s creativity and may result in heartfelt gifts made with love and care.

Book and Movie Gifts

For your book-loving and film enthusiast friends, you can hold a book and movie gift exchange. Encourage participants to share their favorite titles and wrap them up as gifts. This allows everyone to discover new books and movies while sharing their personal favorites.

Fandom Themed Gifts

If the people at your gathering share a common interest or are fans of a particular TV show, movie, or book series, you could hold a themed gift exchange. For example, fans of Harry Potter might exchange Hogwarts-themed items, while Marvel enthusiasts can swap superhero merchandise.

Hand-made Crafts

For a crafty twist, organize a hand-made craft exchange. Participants can create embroidery pieces, knit scarves, decorate pottery pieces, or any other type of craft they enjoy. This idea encourages everyone to showcase their artistic side and can lead to unique, one-of-a-kind gifts.

Online Scavenger Hunts

An online scavenger hunt with clues can add some excitement to your gift exchange. Participants can follow clues to find their gifts or reveal the identity of those who bought their presents. This game can provide a fun way for loved ones to collaborate while discovering their gifts.

Dare or Dare

For a more daring game, try “Dare or Dare.” Each person brings a wrapped gift and draws a dare from a hat. The person who completes the dare gets to choose a gift from the pile. The game continues until all gifts are claimed, and everyone has a laugh completing their dares.

Re-gifting Game

Re-gifting games offer a chance to pass on gently-used or unused items from one’s home. Participants anonymously wrap their re-gifts, and then everyone takes turns selecting a gift from the pile or “stealing” a previously opened gift. This can be a lighthearted way to give a purpose to items that someone else might appreciate more.

Charity Donation Game

For a philanthropic twist, organize a charity donation game. Each participant brings a wrapped picture or description of a charity they have donated to in someone’s name. Players then choose gifts like the re-gifting game, and the fun begins by discovering new causes to support and discussing the reasons behind their selections.

Unique Additions to Your Christmas Gift Games

Incorporating Food and Drinks

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Turn your gift exchange into a food and drink-themed event. Guests can bring their favorite treats, liquor, or coffee mugs, while you can organize a movie night to enjoy together. This incorporation of food and drinks adds a delicious and exciting element to the game.

Involving Furry Friends

Why not include your furry friends in the festivities? You can have each person bring pet-friendly gifts that everyone’s pets can enjoy. This makes your Christmas gift games even more inclusive and entertaining for everyone involved.

Ornament Guessing

Make your gift exchange more interactive with an ornament guessing game. Have each guest bring an ornament in a wrapped box and let others try to guess what’s inside. Once everyone has had a chance to guess, unwrap the ornaments and reveal the correct answers.

Affiliate Links Game

Get tech-savvy with the affiliate links game. First, create a list of gift items with their respective affiliate links. Then, divide your guests into teams and let the game begin! Each team must try to find and purchase the correct items within a specified time – and the team that gets the most items right, wins!

Including Music

Put a musical spin on your favorite Christmas gift games. For instance, you can play musical chairs or musical gifts – where guests pass around wrapped presents as music plays on. When the music stops, the person holding a gift gets to keep it!

Gift Card Exchanges

Gift card exchanges are a fun way to add some variety to your gift games. These can be traditional gift cards or online shopping vouchers. You can either do a traditional exchange, or incorporate elements from other games mentioned here.

Outdoor Activities

Who says Christmas gift games for adults must be indoors? Host your gift exchange outdoors and add some activities like scavenger hunts, relay races, or even Christmas-themed obstacle courses. This will not only make the event more memorable but will also encourage some healthy competition among your guests.

Craft Exchange

For the creative minds in your circle, organize a craft exchange. Have guests bring their handmade crafts or DIY creations as gifts. This adds a personal touch to the gift exchange and allows everyone to showcase their talents in a fun and friendly environment.

Keeping the Tradition Going

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Let’s talk about Christmas gift games for adults that can both bring some laughter and keep the holiday spirit alive. With a variety of games to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone. In this section, we’ll explore a few Christmas game ideas that are both fun and engaging.

One of the easiest and most entertaining games to play at your Christmas party is the Ornament Guess. Simply fill a jar with holiday ornaments and have guests guess the number of ornaments inside. The person with the closest guess wins a prize!

For a more interactive gift exchange, try the Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Exchange. This game requires participants to give and receive gifts based on the famous Christmas song. The excitement builds as each day brings a new surprise gift, culminating in a grand celebration on the twelfth day.

Another fun idea is to create a Christmas Story gift exchange, where each participant writes a festive story to accompany their gift. As each person unwraps their present, they also share the story with the group. This adds a personal touch to each gift and creates memorable moments for everyone involved.

If your friends are movie buffs, a Christmas Movie Drinking Game is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Choose a favorite holiday film and create a set of drinking rules based on common themes or phrases. For example, take a sip every time a character says “Merry Christmas” or when someone in the movie sings a carol. Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy the camaraderie with friends.

My Personal Opinion

I’ve always loved the holiday season, and when it comes to Christmas, I cherish the joy, laughter, and togetherness it brings. One of my favorite aspects of this festive time is the opportunity to engage in fun and entertaining activities with family and friends. Among these, Christmas gift games for adults have a special place in my heart.

I find that these games add an extra layer of excitement and bonding to the holiday gatherings. They’re not just about exchanging presents but creating lasting memories. When I participate in these games, I feel like I’m reliving the magic of my childhood while savoring the pleasures of adulthood.

The thrill of unwrapping a mystery gift, the suspense of stealing someone else’s cherished present, and the laughter that ensues when we reveal what’s hidden inside the wrapped packages – these moments are priceless. Each year, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Christmas, not just for the gifts I might receive, but for the games that accompany them.


What is the Christmas game where everyone brings a gift?

White elephant is a game where everyone wins; each person ends up with a present. Plus, the game itself is fun. Whether you end up with a hilarious gag gift or something you might actually use, each person is guaranteed to have a great time. What’s a better gift than laughter?

How do you play Dirty Santa?

The person with #1 starts the game. The game begins once #1 selects a gift from the pile (after much thought and deliberation, of course), opens it, and shows it to everyone. The person who drew #2 then goes and has the option to steal #1’s gift (aka “Dirty Santa”) or pick a different gift from the pile.

What is the bad Santa Christmas gift game?

Whoever gets number one gets to pick a present and unwrap it, and so on. The catch is that anyone who unwraps a present can steal a gift from the person before them. If family member number two decides they don’t like the present they’ve unwrapped, they can swap it for yours instead!

What are the rules for grab bag stealing?

The person with number one goes first and chooses a gift and opens it. The person with number two may choose another gift or “steal” the first person’s gift. When a person’s gift is stolen, he may steal someone else’s gift or choose an unwrapped one.

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