20 Christmas Gift for Hairdresser 2024: Trimming the Tree

Selecting the ideal Christmas present for your hairstylist can be a daunting task. After all, they’re the reason your hair stays stunning throughout the year, and you aim to express your gratitude with a present that’s both considerate and distinctive. To assist you in beginning your search, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas gift suggestions guaranteed to make your stylist feel valued and cherished during the holiday season.

Why Personalize Gifts for Hairdressers

Finding the perfect christmas gift for hairdresser can be challenging because you want to give them something thoughtful, unique, and memorable. Personalized gifts are a great way to show your hairstylist that you appreciate their hard work, skills, and creativity.

When you choose a personalized gift, you’re showing your hairstylist that you put thought and effort into selecting something just for them. Tailoring a gift with their name, monogram, or something that represents their profession demonstrates that you know their interests and appreciate their talents. Personalized gifts offer a sense of exclusivity and make the recipient feel special.

Unique gift ideas for hairdressers can range from customized accessories to functional, work-related items. Some great options include a monogrammed hairstylist tote bag, a pair of Gothic Scissors Dangle Drop Earrings, or even a 3D Wooden Cartooned Hairdresser Figurine Trinket with their name on it. These personalized gift ideas are not only stylish but also reflect the recipient’s love for their profession.

Another reason to personalize gifts for hairstylists is that it shows you value the relationship you have with them. Hairdressers are responsible for keeping your hair looking fabulous, so expressing your gratitude with a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift only strengthens the bond between you and your hairdresser.

Gift Ideas for Hairdressers

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your hairdresser can be a challenge. After all, they’ve helped you look your best all year long. To show your appreciation, we have gathered some excellent gift ideas to surprise them this holiday season.

A popular and thoughtful option is a personalized stainless steel tumbler with a fun hairdresser-themed design. Not only will it keep their drinks hot or cold throughout the day, but it will also showcase their profession with pride.

stainless steel tumbler as Christmas Gift for Hairdresser
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Another fantastic option to consider is a hairstylist ornament for their Christmas tree. These ornaments come in various designs and can even be personalized with their name or a funny hairstyling pun.

If you’re looking for something stylish and practical, a black and white infinity scarf is an excellent choice. As many hairdressers are required to wear all black clothing, this chic accessory will add a pop of contrast while keeping them cozy during the colder months.

For a more sentimental present, consider giving a personalized hair dryer card with a custom word art design. These cards can be tailored to suit any occasion, making them a fantastic way to express your gratitude for their hairstyling talents.

Shopping for Hairdresser Gifts

When starting your shopping journey, it’s important to think about the hairdresser’s personal interests and preferred tools. A nice touch is to create a personalized gift package with various items that cater to the hairdresser’s flair and style.

Going through online stores like Etsy, Amazon, or other specialized retailers will give you plenty of unique and exciting options. In order to make your browsing experience smoother and support the websites providing you with these gift ideas, consider turning off your ad blockers while shopping.

Gift guides also come in handy to spark some inspiration. For example, the Best Gifts for Hairdressers and Hair Stylists This Christmas list offers options like scented candles or pampering items such as bath bombs, which make great stocking stuffers.

For a more personalized touch, think about gifts that reflect their profession, like custom-made ornaments, funny t-shirts, or eye-catching mugs that celebrate their love for hairdressing. These types of presents are not only thoughtful but also serve as conversation starters and can display their passion for their work.

Exclusive Gifts for Barbers and Hairdressers

One great idea for a gift is a personalized hairstylist ornament. This can be a ceramic ornament with their name or a witty message like “Hairapist” written on it. It’s a thoughtful and stylish decoration they can use every year.

ceramic ornament as Christmas Gift for Hairdresser
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For hairdressers who are constantly on their feet, consider gifting a stainless steel tumbler with a custom design. Barber tumbler is great for keeping their favorite drinks hot or cold throughout the day, while also showcasing their profession.

Unique aprons can make a fun and practical gift that adds a touch of personality to their daily work routine. A cheetah print apron with an adjustable neck is not only stylish, but also waterproof and easy to clean.

Another exclusive gift option is a customized ceramic ornament featuring their profession’s essential tools like comb, hairdryer, and scissors. Adding their name to it makes it a memorable Christmas decoration for them to cherish.

Gifts Suitable for Both Hairdressers and Therapists

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your hairdresser or therapist may seem like a daunting task, but rest assured that some wonderful options cater to both professions. From stylish accessories to pampering treats, these gift ideas are sure to make your professional’s home and workspace both functional and inviting.

A thoughtful gift for hairdressers and therapists is a stylish, yet practical, carry-all tote. The ZHANTUONE Canvas Hairstylist Tote Bag is a great option, as it’s not only personalized for hairdressers but also durable and stylish. Ideal for carrying essential items during daily commutes or even on vacation, this tote would make their daily routine much more manageable.

hairstylist tote bag as Christmas Gift for Hairdresser
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To spruce up the atmosphere within their home or workspace, consider gifting a luxurious scented candle. The Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Home Candle makes an excellent choice, with its soothing aroma that captures the essence of wild nature. Both hairdressers and therapists would appreciate creating a calming ambiance that enhances their client experience.

For a unique and stylish ornament in their workspace, consider a hairdresser-inspired item. Check out these funny hairstylist Christmas ornaments on Etsy, which feature humorous quotes and designs suited just for hairstylists. These clever ornaments will make their holiday season extra special.

Help your professional express their creativity and show off their expertise with statement accessories like the coadipress Gothic Scissors Dangle Drop Earrings. These one-of-a-kind earrings exhibit unique design and allow your hairdresser or therapist to embrace their passion for their craft.

The Role of Clients in Choosing Hairdresser Gifts

When looking for a suitable gift, it’s important to consider your hairdresser’s individual preferences. This will help the gift resonate with their unique personality and profession. Gifts that cater to their work environment or reflect their personal interests are often well-received.

To spark your creativity, we’ve compiled a few gift ideas that can make your hairdresser’s day special and memorable:

  • Personalized coffee mugs or tumblers: Hairdressers often need a pick-me-up during long hours at the salon. Gifting them a customized coffee mug or tumbler with their name or a fun quote can add a personal touch.
  • Haircare products or tools: Hairdressers are constantly surrounded by products and tools. You can gift them high-quality haircare products like shampoos, conditioners, or styling products, or perhaps a set of professional-grade styling tools like a flat iron, curling iron, or brush.
  • Salon apparel: Stylish and comfortable salon wear, like a trendy apron or pair of gloves, is a practical yet fashionable christmas gift.
  • Gift cards: If you’re unsure about what your hairdresser might appreciate, a gift card to a popular beauty supply store or for a salon service allows them to choose what they need or want.
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My Personal Opinion

In my opinion, finding a thoughtful Christmas gift for a hairdresser can be quite a rewarding endeavor. When I reflect on the holiday season, I often think about the people who make our lives a little more beautiful and a lot more comfortable. Hairdressers are certainly part of that special group.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting my hair styled and cut by several hairdressers over the years, and each one has left a unique impression on me. I find it’s important to acknowledge the hard work and dedication they put into their craft, especially during the busiest time of the year.

While I’m not a professional stylist myself, I can imagine the long hours, the creativity, and the patience required to ensure their clients look and feel their best. That’s why I believe that when it comes to choosing the right Christmas gift, it should reflect your appreciation for the art they create with every snip, color, and style.

It’s not just about the physical transformation they provide, though that is undoubtedly significant. It’s about the confidence they instill, the smiles they put on faces, and the joy they bring. In my personal opinion, that’s a gift that truly keeps on giving.


What is etiquette for Christmas gift for hairdresser?

Baked goods, cashmere, keys to the yacht—the people we interviewed always welcome such thoughtfulness. “I think gifts are more special than money,” says hairstylist Ted Gibson of Ted Gibson Salon in New York City. Spend about the same amount as you would on a monetary tip. 

How much do I tip my hairdresser at Christmas?

During the non-holiday season, you should always plan on tipping at least 15-20% of the regular price for beauty services—and then during the holiday season, you can double your usual tip or add at least an additional 10% when you go in for a service.

How much do you tip a hairdresser on $200?

A standard tip for a hair style and variety at a beauty parlor is for the most part somewhere in the range of 15% and 20% of the complete expense of the help. For a $200 hair style and variety, a 20% tip would be $40, and a 15% tip would be $30.

Do hairdressers like when you talk to them?

Nobody wants to be “that client,” but newsflash: Hairstylists would rather you say something than nothing. “If you are uncomfortable at any point, you should definitely communicate as soon as possible,” says Brook. “A good hairdresser will listen and make you feel taken care of.”

Do hairdressers keep notes on clients?

Most salons will keep an electronic record using their POS (point of sale) system, although some may choose to keep a paper file on each client.

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